About us

Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is a business association, established in 2006 in Belgrade, which focuses on communication with the Government of Serbia and its institutions; on professional development of managers and the advancement of managerial profession; on intensifying the regional cooperation and on promoting business networking in Serbia. In its efforts and through its activities, SAM strives to improve the overall business environment in Serbia, to support faster economic development and to strengthen the capacity of mangers.


Individuals who are employed or engage in managerial or executive positions can become members of the Serbian Association of Managers

For the purposes of this association, the following definition of managers shall be determined:

A manager is a person with the primary task of setting goals, planning activities and doing the decision-making process of the management of work and direction of business, organizing and monitoring of groups of individuals, or a person performing managerial and/or entrepreneurial functions and/or who is appointed as the president or a member of the board of directors or as the supervisory board of a company or has the status of a person with special powers and responsibilities in the company, organized social activities, bank or other financial institutions, and any other forms of cooperation and business for a fee.

Managers can manage the employees directly or manage a group of supervisors who directly manage staff. For managers, it is more important to know how to manage employees well than to know how to perform their employee`s jobs. The manager may have authorization to hire or fire workers, or the give them a promotion. The manger is responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and controlling people and their work. An important characteristic of managers is that he is the so-called "decision maker" or person who makes the decisions.

The managers described in the previous paragraphs are equal to the officials of the chambers of commerce, management consultants and founders of companies dealing with the management.

Managers, who are employed or engaged in work under individual contracts, may be admitted to membership of the association, on the basis of a written application on joining the association. This provision includes those managers who are co-owners of the company they manage.

The managers who are entitled to become members of the SAM should be residents of the Republic of Serbia, regardless of their citizenship, and the managers who are citizens of the Republic Serbia with permanent or temporary residence abroad.

Exceptionally, members of the Association may include individuals who manage business processes in the public and non-governmental, non-profit sector, provided that such entities obtain their revenues by selling goods and/or services on the market.