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About us

Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is a business association, established in 2006 in Belgrade, which focuses on communication with the Government of Serbia and its institutions; on professional development of managers and the advancement of managerial profession; on intensifying the regional cooperation and on promoting business networking in Serbia. In its efforts and through its activities, SAM strives to improve the overall business environment in Serbia, to support faster economic development and to strengthen the capacity of mangers.

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At the same time, SAM intends be a legitimate representative of the management community of the Republic of Serbia in contacts with similar national associations in other countries and before the EU and international institutions. SAM aims to become one of the key partners of the Government in the processes of regulating the issues relevant for the improvement of the general state of economy, attracting foreign partners and speeding up the process of European integration.

Serbian Association of Managers gathers over 300 of professional managers working in Serbia, who lead the most successful companies in Serbia, who employ over 90,000 employees and annually generate more than 12 billion euros of revenue.

SAM specially maintains bilateral and multilateral links and collaboration with similar business associations in the region of SEE, CE and EU. Serbian Association of Managers is observing member of CEC (Confederation Europeenne des Cadres).

SAM initiated a high-level regional event “SUMMIT 100 Business Leaders of the South East Europe” as the first and unique regional gathering designed to be the top regional business-government dialogue which forges a strong, cohesive voice of economic cooperation as well as contribution to political efforts in improving the quality of relations and standard of living of all citizens in the region. SUMMIT 100 is a platform and gathering event for the top business leaders and highest political officials from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of the national economies of the region, but also of the overall competitiveness potential of Southeast Europe.

Besides “Summit 100” as the key regional event, SAM organizes Forum of Managers with business and Government representatives, Business Breakfasts aimed to professional advancement of managers, June Gathering, SAM Annual Award, various roundtables, bilateral meetings, networking gatherings and similar events that support accomplishing SAM mission and objectives.

SAM in its advocacy efforts focuses on the matters that have the largest impact on managers and efficient business operations (such as Labor Law, increasing the employment - especially of young people, combating the grey economy, professionalization of the managers’ profession, promotion of ethical standards and corporate governance). SAM has been implementing different economic projects with international organizations such as USAID and CIPE