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Executive Office

Executive Office is the organizational core of all SAM activities and projects. In coordination with the Board of Directors, the office is responsible for strategic planning, communication with the Government, media representatives and Government institutions, management of finances, supervision of projects, mobilization of members and the organization of events.

Contact: office@sam.org.rs   



Jelena Bulatović – Executive Director

As Executive Director, Jelena is in charge of managing all activities of SAM Executive Office, including communication with members, Government officials, donors' community and third parties. Oversees all aspects of SAM activities, and in close collaboration with the Managing Board, provides overall strategic planning for the Association. Business executive with over 15 years of working experience in the area of business diplomacy, business development, government relations, advocacy and project management. Before SAM, she worked six years in USAID Serbia / US Embassy in Belgrade as Banking and Financial Specialist, responsible for US Government economic growth projects in Serbia. Member of the “Summti100 Business Leaders of the SEE” Managing Board. In 2015 was awarded as “The Woman Heroine” for her work humanitarian work during the floods in Serbia in 2014. In 2016 was awarded with „Silver emblem of the Red Cross” for extraordinary contribution in providing assistance to affected citizens. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade in 1997.



Melinda Marinovic - Office Manager

Responsible for administration, finance and logistical support for the implementation of program activities of the Association. She gained formal education at the Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade and informal education through numerous trainings and study specialization.



Tanja Lazarević - Operations and Relationship Coordinator

Responsible for the organization and implementation of activities in the Association. Tanja is also responsible for establishing relationships with potential and current members, she is in charge of servicing and providing support to members. She graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. Her professional development began in Si & Si Company, as Manager for Public Relations, working on internal and external communications. After three years in Si & Si Group, she worked in the PRODUCT company and after that she continued her  professional development in international companies in the field of marketing and PR.



Milos Djuricanin - Program Manager

Responsible for managing all program and project activities of SAM, fund raising, communication with corporate partners, NGO sector and SAM members. Milos oversees all program and project activities, and, in close collaboration with the Executive Director, provides overall strategic planning of all programs and projects. He is coordinator of SAMPLE – Section of Young Business Leaders of SAM, responsible for managing all activities aimed at young business leaders and youth. Before SAM, Milos was employed for a year in Agropress, where he worked at position of Project Manager, the same position he had in AIESEC for over 3 years. He was engaged in several other projects as Communications Manager and Event Manager. Milos is AIESEC Alumni, Alumni of the Chamber L.I.N.K.S. program organized by Centre for International Private Entreprise (CIPE), member of the Project board of the „Divac Youth Funds“ project. Graduated at the School of Business Studies, Megatrend University. 


 Milica Aleksić


Milica Aleksic - Marketing Associate