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Mission Statement

Serbian Association of Managers is dedicated to enhancement and promotion of managerial profession in Serbia, with active influence on economic policy makers, aiming to create better conditions for business and economic development in Serbia.


  1. Credible Partner to the Government of Serbia - voice of business that can be trusted
  2. Education - enhancement of the quality of managers' profession in Serbia. SAM as the reservoir of responsible and competent managers educated in compliance with the highest educational standards in EU
  3. Regional Cooperation - being a member of broader network of associations in the region, SAM encourages creating integrated trade market in the Balkans
  4. Business Networking - encouraging focused and efficient business networking among companies and managers


  • Improving the social status of managers
  • Advancement of individual managers
  • Enhacement of business and business environment
  • Improving the living standards of all citizens
  • Strong support and partner of all interested groups
  • Credible partner of the Government of the Republic of Serbia - the expertise and professionalism before politics


  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Innovations
  • Expertise and professionalism
  • The joy of life


  • The individual manager in the focus
  • Personal responsibility
  • Serbian (neutral)
  • Experience and practice
  • Manager and leader - SAM CEO
  • Inspiring Energy
  • People management


  • Representativeness
  • Influential members (top managers, top companies) - Relevancy
  • Recognized in the region and Europe
  • Influence

SAM as…

  • SAM as a necessary partner of the State
  • SAM as an initiator of high-quality professional training
  • SAM as a generator of change
  • SAM as an organization that gathers the top managers in Serbia
  • SAM as an engine of the largest regional network of the leading managers
  • SAM as a promoter of business success


Strong managers - Strong companies - Strong Serbia