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Young Leaders Section of Serbian Association of Managers (SAMPLE) gathers so far 40 affirmed young people with excellent results in business, who are members of Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) and not older than 35. It is established on April 15th 2010 as the first section within SAM.

SAMPLE represents a sequence of sound extracted from one melody, that repeated in a new rhythm creates new melody. The idea is that "the melody" (leadership) of SAMPLE members unites, expands, and in the future creates "new melody" in Serbia. In short, best practice generated within SAMPLE must be the standard for other young people who will eventually take managerial positions in Serbia.


SAMPLE, a synonym for the leadership represented by young people in Serbia. A credible and leading organization in the country (region) that brings together young executives and leaders from the world of business.


Promoting leadership on all social levels and increasing management competences of young people in Serbia.

Main goals of SAMPLE:

1. LEADERS: The promotion of leadership and idea that you do not receive leadership competencies at birth, but can be learned and improved. Improvement of (business) environment for the developing of new leaders, young entrepreneurs and managers.

2. NETWORK: Creating a strong network of perspective young business leaders, creating a platform for the establishment of mutual cooperation, new businesses and exchanging experiences.

3. EDUCATION: Education of members and young people in Serbia. Increasing management competence for future managers / leaders and support for young people to realize their full potential and thus contribute to the development of their local community and Serbia in general.

4. OUT OF BG: Equal regional development and creation of preconditions for the realization of local initiatives.

5. VOICE: Creation of platform for two-way communication between relevant state institutions and young managers. Cooperation with similar organizations in the region, Europe and worldwide.