Business networking

Serbian association of managers offers one of the better platforms for business networking between managers and their companies. Members, friends, and partners of Association often mention how vital for their business is to have strong networking, which is provided and organized by us. Some of the popular events are SAM Wine Club, After Holiday Cocktail as well as traditional June Gathering. These events are famous for their pleasant atmosphere and friendly character, which makes easier for the members of our community to exchange information, experiences, and stories. SAM networking events caused many successful business initiatives.

SAM Annual Award Gala evening

“SAM Annual Award” is the most prominent event of the Serbian Association of Managers. It is organized every year in December and it aims to promote best business practices, companies, managers, educational institutions, regional projects and economic journalists who with their work promote best business practices and advocate for the better business environment and for better living standards of all our citizens. The event includes a gala dinner for 300 guests and special program with the award ceremony, with the presence of the highest Government of Serbia officials and a large number of media representatives.

“June Gathering” is a traditional gathering of SAM members and other distinguished guests from the Serbian Government, state institutions, a wider business community, representatives of the diplomatic corps, international economic organizations and the media. The format of the June Gathering is such that it is intended for informal gathering, business networking and establishing business connections between the members of SAM and other guests, and for the companies, it provides an excellent promotional opportunity for a large number of significant participants in the economic, diplomatic, public, political and media life.

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Dva puta godišnje, nakon novogodišnjih praznika i nakon letnje pauze, Srpska asocijacija menadžera za svoje članove i goste organizuje okupljanje i neformalno druženje.

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SAM Wine Club

SAM Wine Club is one of the most popular events among SAM members. In its concept, it aims to expand SAM business network through informal gathering. Besides the best wineries in Serbia, this event provides unique and strong networking environment. 

Sports activities

Within SAM, various sporting activities (tennis, basketball, golf etc.) are organized, aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle and informal business networking.

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