Professional development

Per principles and practices as well as mission and vision of our organization, we pay great attention to the development of leadership and managerial skills of our partners. With that said, we initiate various lectures and presentations for the members of Association, as well as the wider business community. SAM believe that by sharing knowledge, we are constantly contributing towards the expansions of managerial capacity, successful organizational leadership and consequently the development of Serbia’s economy.

In the past 10 years, we initiated over 150 different educational events. These events are inspired by current trends in the world of business, as well as something new and unexpected. Educational events are led by local and global managers and leaders in the managerial world.

Business breakfast

Business breakfast is an internal event for the members of SAM, primarily aimed at education and exchange of business experiences among the members, but also at the promotion of the best business practices of the companies. Business breakfasts promote new trends in business, organization, marketing, HR, communications, but also on the hottest legislative issues and latest macroeconomic trends in Serbia.

Furthermore, Business Breakfasts provide the unique opportunity for participants to exchange opinions and experiences in open discussion among themselves and knowledgeable presenters on specific topics.

An evening with is an internal event for the members of SAM, and its purpose is to create casual, friendly and learning safe environment for the participants who are sharing personal and professional stories of their managerial and leadership skills. The friendly environment encourages participants to ask, comment and provide their opinion on the stories that they hear.

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Mentorship program powered by Serbian Association of Managers was established in 2015 for the purpose of empowerment of young managers who are part of the Association. Mentorship program lasts 1 year and during this period, experienced managers (mentors) are transferring their knowledge and experience to the younger, less experienced managers (mentees). In this program both, mentors and mentees are collaborating and working hard to accomplish certain goals. Some of the goals of the program could be: expanding of capabilities of the mentee, empowerment of mentors and mentee, networking, development in mentee’s thinking due to the easier overcoming of the future obstacles. 

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