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About us

SAM - Serbian Association of Managers is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-government organization established in 2006 in Belgrade. Initial organization's objective was to become the Voice of Profession, to engage in education, to represent and express the interests of professional business managers. In the course of time, as SAM grew and developed, grew also its strength, influence and its ambitions.

 What are SAM objectives today?

  1. Credible Partner to the Government of Serbia - Voice of Business that can be trusted
  2. Education - enhance the quality of managers' profession in Serbia. Become the reservoir of responsible and competent managers educated in compliance with the highest educational standards in EU.
  3. Regional Cooperation - being a member of broader network of associations in the region, SAM encourages creating integrated trade market in Balkans

What is the strength of SAM?

  1. SAM members - managers who show the way and lead their companies responsively and professionally
  2. SAM Board of Directors - comprised of most respected and most influential managers in Serbia
  3.  SAM Executive Office - strong and efficient, deeply committed to SAM mission and objectives

Who are members of SAM?

Managers doing business in Serbia dedicated to deliver respect and success to the companies they run. Today, there are 250 of us, last year there were 150, next year there will be 400 managers - leaders gathered in SAM.

Why should you become the member of SAM?

  •  Because SAM brings together best managers in Serbia!
  •  Because SAM recognizes key problems managers face in the course of their business, and acts upon them with determination through transparent communication with the Government of Serbia and key policy makers.
  •  Because the voice of SAM is well and far away heard!
  •  Because SAM objective is to create and promote the best business environment in the region, and thus attract local and foreign investors to do business in Serbia.
  •  Because in SAM we have fun!