International cooperation
Summit100 Business Leaders of the South East Europe

Summit100 Business Leaders of the SEE is the first and unique gathering of this kind in the region, designed to be a strong, cohesive voice of economic cooperation and, for the regional business leaders to make a tangible contribution toward improving business relationships and competitiveness of the entire SEE region. Summit100 is initiated by the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) in cooperation with Managers' Association from Slovenia (ZM), Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) and Atlas Foundation from Montenegro. Summit100 gathers political and business elite of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro and it was organized for the first time in Arandjelovac, Serbia in 2011, in Becici, Montenegro in 2013, in Cavtat, Croatia in 2014 and in Portoroz, Slovenia in 2015. Political leaders demonstrated their full support to this initiative, which strengthens the economic and business integration of the region, as well as to the concrete examples of cooperation between the companies which contributes to strengthening the overall competitiveness of the SEE region, to improved products and services for the citizens and to more successful penetration of the third markets.